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Dot Marking Machine

Dot pen machines work by electromechanically striking a carbide or diamond stylus assembly against the surface of a part to be marked. The result is a succession of dots to create digits, text, logos, and 2D data matrix codes. Each such dot is the result of a pulsed current that runs through a solenoid, punches a magnet toward the surface, and subsequently returns the stylus to its starting position, awaiting the next pulse. Because each pulse occurs in only a fraction of a second, an entire 2D data matrix code, for example, can be completed in seconds (depending on the size).


Given their particular focus on global quality systems and unique component identification requirements, dot peen marking technology is widely used throughout the automotive and aerospace industries. Because dot peen marking systems are particularly suitable for the permanent marking of any surface material, the technology is also widely used in agricultural machinery, the oil & gas industry, metal working industries, electronics components, transportation and logistics industries, construction equipment, and many more.

Notable Characteristics:

  • Cost effective
  • Requires no consumables
  • High speed accuracy problem-free operation under many operating conditions
  • Will mark any material (including hardened steel)
  • Compressed air is not required

PDF List

Portable Dot Marking Machine


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E-Touch XL



E-Mark XL





Column-Mounted Dot Marking Machine


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E10 C153

E10 C303


Integrated Dot Marking Machine


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E10 i53

E10 i83

E10 i143