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Custom Design & Turnkey Solution

Malkris and collaborative partners came together to design a custom turn key solution to suit a specific customer’s application or requirement. Malkris will work closely with client to ensure the marking system would benefit the client’s requirements.

Since our inception of 1985, we have designed many custom marking system for our clients in food, chemical, security, pharmaceutical, automotive, oil & gas, aerospace and many more for not only Malaysia but USA, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and many more.


Hot Stamping on Security Seal (MK150-LT1)


One of Malkris’ early design to cater for the security seal industry. A simple, user friendly, affordable, and high speed security seal marking system capable of stamping a 1 strip (10 pcs) during 1 cycle time. Stamping either logo or progressive serial numbers. With cycle time of about 15 seconds per strip of security seal. Simple operations and user-friendly interface.


Hot Stamping on Security Seals (MK150-LT2)


A dual hot stamping system with a linear table capable of stamping logos and serial numbers. The system is fully controlled by PLC and able to achieve cycle time of 15 seconds for 1 strip (10 pcs) of security seal. User friendly operation and sturdy mechanical design for heavy duty usage.


Hot Stamping on Security Seals (MK2-6RT)


Malkris and collaborative partners have designed a 6 station rotary table for stamping on security seals with 2 Kortho Hot Printers for logo and serial numbers.With this system, the operators would be able to load, and unload the security seals while the Kortho Hot Printers are stamping its designated information. The cycle time for a strip of security seal (10 pcs) is about 10 seconds.

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Hot Stamping on Security Seal MK150-LT1

Hot Stamping on Security Seals MK150-LT2

Hot Stamping on Security Seals MK2-6RT