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Marsh Stencil Cutting Machine and Accessories

For bold, permanent, legible marks, depend on Marsh Stencil Machines and stenciling products. For product identification, shipping information, or other important messaging, these resources are always reliable and always ready. Combine stencil machines and high performance oilboard, inks and applicators for proven solutions for all your stenciling needs.



The perfect complement to our excellent stencil machines. Marsh stencil oilboards provides you with powerful, long-lasting options for creating your own stencils. Our comprehensive selection of exceptionally high quality oil-treated paper is cured in a plant that is solely dedicated to the production of superior grade oilboards. This curing process, which include a treatment with a special blend of double-boiled linseed oils, help resist ink bleed-through. After treatment with the oil, the board is cut with the grain in order to further strengthen its rigidity, resulting in clean, sharp marks with your stenciling system, including the stencil machine, ink, applicator and oilboard.

Stencil Applicator

Marsh Fountain Rollers, Rolmark Rollers and pads can help you make quick work of the stenciling process by delivering ink impressions on variety of surfaces without fading or flooding. Depend on these hard-working products for a productive stencil experience, everytime.

Stencil Inks

All Marsh inks have been specially formulated to meet the most stringent quality standards. Permanent, water-proof, light-resistant, fast-drying - Marsh provides high quality inks for all applications. Deciding to purchase Marsh Inks ensures you will always make clear legible marks.

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