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Hot Stamping Machine

Compressed air to drive the hot stamping head to complete the hot stamping work. Suitable for medium volume flat products such as greeting cards, gift boxes, paper packaging, leather, plastic products, stationery, household products, household appliances and other products. Can be use with numbering wheel to stamping serial number, date codes, product codes, etc.

Hot stamping machines can be divided into two categories: one for hot stamping of flat products and one for hot stamping of cylindrical products.



The Kortho Hotprinter is an operationally reliable system with which variable data is added immediately to the packaging film and many other materials during the production process. Every print is of a high quality: superfine, scratch-proof and colour fast. Hotprint is a proven coding technology with which a high-quality coding can be created even when production conditions are very difficult.

  • Intuitive operation
  • Cost-effective
  • Industrial model guarantees problem-free operation under many operating conditions
  • Simple addition of variable data
  • Many text options with printing plates, date stamps and brass characters
  • Always excellent print quality, superfine, scratch-proof and colour fast
  • Low consumption of Hotprint film because of film conveyance that can be accurately set
  • Low maintenance requirements and very reliable

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KC Hot Stamping Machine


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1- H-TC1520TBC

2- H-TC91N

3- H-TC250

4- H-TC100KC Cylinder Stamping

5- H-TC400K Bucket Stamping

6- HT-TC842 Tabletop


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